Before you visit K Burgers, the main question you can ask yourself is, “Am I ready for serious eats?” The only answer is yes. K Burgers is one of Orlando’s newest food trucks, and this purveyor of unique, juicy burgers, naked hot dogs, and breakfast bagels is permanently located on Orange Avenue and Jennie Jewell Drive in front of Maduros Cigar and Wine Bar. The truck may be new but the chef and owner, Jeff Kerutis, and Luz have been catering for locals and Orlando businesses for years.

When I think of a burger, the image in my mind is usually of a round, plump medium-rare patty loaded with toppings and served on a thick, toasted bun. K Burgers’ steak burgers look more like meaty steak subs. The burgers are ground beef marinated in a sauce from a family recipe. The meat is slowly simmered as a large loaf and then sliced into individual portions when ordered.

The outer layer of my Lopez KBurger had a savory crust and was topped with a jalapeño jelly and a house-made sour cream sauce. The jalapeño jelly reminded me of the kind of mint jelly that accompanies roasted lamb chops; the sauce was mostly sweet with a hint of pepper flavor but no spice. The sour cream sauce was smooth and more like a creamy spread that melded scrumptiously with the juices from the burger. My K Burgers was served well-done on a large, toasted bun, and definitely pinned down my lunch-time craving. The price-point of this steak burger was an unbeatable $3.00. Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips ($1.50) and Izze Sweet Clementine ($1.75) rounded out a lunch that lasted me the rest of the day.

As I was finishing my meal, Chef Kerutis and Luz also brought over a free sample of their hearty White Bean Soup. The red broth was thick and well-seasoned with large hunks of steak burger — yes, marinated steak burger in the soup! The white beans were firm but broke apart easily, which added extra texture to the broth. True, K Burgers’ are not as heavy as traditional burgers from other local vendors, but judging by the increasingly cold weather, a hot steak burger and a side of hearty soup will be hard to resist.

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*K Burgers accepts orders via text message.