Adam and I recently went on the Africa Trek tour through the Harambe Reserve in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for his birthday. The animals were the main draw, but now I’m glad to say that the food should be too! After two hours of light hiking, crossing rope bridges over crocodile pits, and a brief safari vehicle tour, Adam and I were glad to have a small break.

The tour guides drove us out into the savannah and off the main safari road to a private, cabana-style covered area. Some of our party of eleven took advantage of the air-conditioned bathrooms, but most took in the view of the savannah from the cabana. Guests had the choice of sitting at traditional tables or armchairs with small coffee tables to take in their meals. Each person was issued a metal, two-tier bento-like container of food –– think of a stacked dim sum steamer. Inside of each bento were separate cups of fresh fruit, cheeses, meats, et cetera, the guides called a Taste of Africa.

The top-level bowl contained a serving of strawberry yogurt with granola and dried cranberries. There were also round melon balls in a mint-ginger marinade, cubed brie with dried apricots, and an edible orchid. The bottom level was more savory with fresh prosciutto, pita, and a salmon rolled with flavored cream cheese. There were also tasty fig-nut cakes, which the guide described as “like Fig Newtons for adults.”

The stand-outs of this light lunch were the melon balls in the mint-ginger marinade and the salmon roll. There was a brilliant sun out on this day that even a cool breeze couldn’t deflect, so I was glad to have something as refreshing like melon. The fruit was fresh, but was really set off by the minty marinade. There was no real taste of ginger, but the mint was a nice touch. The salmon was thinly cut and rolled with an interesting cream cheese mix. The roll was then laid on top of a shredded jicama –– pronounced “hikama” –– and cucumber salad. The guide explained that jikama is a root vegetable that resembles turnip.

The meal seemed more African-inspired rather than “of Africa”, but the overall meal, and even the fresh fruit juice, were levels better than Adam and I expected. Being able to take in the meal while we watched giraffes and Thomson’s Gazelle graze about 100 feet away was even better. Disney should provide light meals during their tours more often.
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